your birth story matters

The birth of your baby will be unforgettable

Only, you do forget. All those hormones coursing through your body, and the many changes that take place over the following weeks weaken your hold on the memories of your birth.

Things grow foggy and the details of what is was like fade.

But birth photography preserves those details and enables you to relive those memories over and over.

Melbourne Birth Photography

the beautiful and raw moments frozen in time for you to relive when your babies are all grown.

why birth photography

The hormones you get pumped full of during birth naturally work to suppress your brain’s memory making ability. Photos help you to piece it together when the memories fade.

Let your birth support people focus on supporting you rather than fumbling with their iphone to capture the right moments.

Ensure these moments are captured beautifully and artisticly so you be reminded what it felt like the first time you met your baby.

Hi there, I’m Emily,


I offer birth photography for mums just like you! 

 Giving birth can be one of the most empowering and life defining moments you will ever experience. It was for me. And although I remember snapshots from the birth of my two daughters, everything is pretty foggy and vague now. I know how important memories are, they’re a big part of what shapes us. But when you have a those birth hormones racing through your body your mind is not great at holding onto the details. 

When I gave birth to my eldest daughter I didn’t even know birth photography was a thing. All I have are a couple of iphone snaps my husband took a few minutes after my baby girl arrived. They’re fine, but they don’t tell the story of how it happened, and they certainly don’t show the feelings that were in the room that day. 

I wish I had some photos of that day. Photos that helped me remember just how fierce and powerful I felt in those moments. Photos that captured the explosion of love as I held my babies for the first time. Photos that captured the look on my husband’s face as he witnessed my strength. 

I’d love to help capture these moments for you!



What does birth photography actually mean?

– I’ll be on call for your birth from 38 weeks to 42 weeks. That means whenever you go into labor, night or day, you call me and I answer! 

– I stay at your birth for as long as it takes for your baby to be born, and up to two hours after to capture those first cuddles.

– You’ll receive an online gallery with 80+ edited images for you to download, keep and print.

– You’ll have some of the most special moments of your life frozen in time, ready to be relived over and over.


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Hi Mumma!

Our little ones are small for such a short time! And whilst the good old smart phone has enabled up to capture snapshots, having YOU in the photos with your family is so important!
Let's capture some beautiful photos of the connection between you and your loves!

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