Everything you need to have a Homebirth

Jul 6, 2022


There are so many amazing reasons to birth in the place you call home. Not least of which is the ability to feel comfortable and in control when it’s time for your baby to be born. The truth is the list of what’s NEEDED for a homebirth is short, like really short. Apart from your pregnant self and maybe something to wrap baby in there really isn’t much you NEED. But if part of the reason you’re planning to birth at home is for comfort then there’s a few things you may like to add to your list.

I don’t know about you, but I love me some research when I’m preparing for things, especially big things. And let’s be honest, bringing a baby into the world is as big as it gets! So below you’ll find a big ol’ list of ideas I’ve gathered from far off corners of the internet. Obviously no one person is going to want every single thing on the list, but I figure at least if it’s all here in one spot you can simply go through and choose what’s going to work for you. It might save you a few hours down the Pinterest rabbit hole. 

Just remember, you really don’t NEED any of this. So just weigh up what’s really important to you and go from there. 

Things to set the stage

– Candles
– Fairy Lights
– Diffuser with labour support oils 
– Labour playlist 
– Affirmation Cards

Things for labour support

– Essential oil roller
– Birthing comb
– Coconut water in a cup/tumbler with a straw
– Easy to eat snacks
– TENS machine
– Heat pack
– Fitness ball
– Robozo

Things for birth

– Lots of towels
– Waterproof mattress protector
– Mixing bowl for placenta
– Blueys/puppy pads
– Mirror
– Cord ties or sterilised scissors and an umbilical clip
– Tincures/Herbals Teas

Things for waterbirth

– Inflatable birthing pool
– Pool Liner
– Hose and water fittings that fit your taps (make sure hose is for drinking water)
– plastic drop sheet
– Sieve (for poo scooping)
– Torch
– Water thermometer

Things for Postpartum

– Nappies for baby
– Peri bottle
– Maternity pads/underwear
– Sitz bath
– Perinium Heat/Ice Pack 
– Arnica/Herbals Teas/Herbal Bath Soaks
– Scale
– Measuring tape



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