A Serene Homebirth

Raw and emotion filled birth photography in Melbourne

Oct, 2022

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Melbourne Birth Photographer | Chapter and Song Photography | Yarra Valley Birth Photography

Kirsteen is herseld an independant midwife, so she was more prepared than most to welcome her third baby boy. 

She works on a team of midwives who serve women in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley who want to birth at home or just want the consistent care of a midwife through their pregnancy and birthing journey. So of course she had two of her beautiful colleagues attend her birth along with her husband, her mum, a friend and me! 

It was such a warm and relaxed space and Kirsteen rode her contractions and let the emotions ebb and flow. 

The clock ticked closer to midnight and everyone wondered what would be the baby’s birthdate. At around this time Kirsteen was getting tired and the submersion wasn’t offering much comfort anymore. She tried walking and swinging, the fit ball and laying on the couch, before finally ending up back in the birth pool. 

Finally at a few minutes past 1am Patrick arrived gently in the water, caught by Kirsteen. His big brother joining us to watch the birth of his baby brother.

Documenting the huge emotions, the rawness, the power and the beauty in birth is what I do. I want women to be able to look back and see how incredibly strong they are. I want them to see the love in their husband’s eyes as he watches them work through the intensity of birth. I want them to be able to see all the little details that would otherwise be forgotten. 


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Oh gosh, those first moments. To have them over. The intensity and rawness as you work to bring forth your little one. The love in your eyes as you meet your baby for the first time. Those moments are just so powerful, and over so quickly. And unfortunately all those amazing birth hormones and emotions work to dull the memories. Leaving us mummas with memories that are vague and blurred at the edges.  Birth photography takes these moments and freezes them, so that you and your family can treasure them for years to come.

If you’d like to chat about capturing these sacred moments for your birth, I’d love to hear from you.

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Our little ones are small for such a short time! And whilst the good old smart phone has enabled up to capture snapshots, having YOU in the photos with your family is so important!
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