Melbourne Homebirth Providers

Sep 21, 2022

Melbourne Birth Photographer - Yarra Valley birth photographer - chapter and song photography
Melbourne Birth Photographer - Yarra Valley birth photographer - chapter and song photography

I feel like Homebirth is having a resurgence at the moment. It’s exciting! I think in part because of the restrictions placed on birthing women through Covid, but I also just think it’s a consequence of the ability to find and freely share research. In the last few decades homebirth faced some fairly nasty societal beliefs, and as a result it’s become an extremely taboo and contentious topic.

But in the last decade I have noticed more openness, more options and more women armed with research willing to fight the good fight to bring truth into this arena. There’s still a long LONG way to go, but it’s encouraging to see some movement in the right direction, and more and more brave birthers choosing to explore options that go against the status quo.

And just because I know how the internet can be, I just need to say I don’t think every woman needs to birth at home, or that those who choose hospitals are somehow less than. I’m just saying that for most women, choosing to birth at home isn’t easy. The misinformation, the misplaced fear from family and friends, the wider societal pressure and of course the financial commitment.

So, if you’re one of those women who are thinking about or have chosen a homebirth, but you’re wondering what’s next, I hope I can send you in the right direction.

Not all women who choose a homebirth choose to have a midwife or a doula attend the birth. But if you’re looking for one or both of these I hope this list is helpful!


Mamatoto Midwifery *
Servicing Melbourne, Yarra Valley and beyond. Clinic rooms in Selby and Kew

Essence Midwifery *
Servicing Melbourne, Yarra Valley and beyond.

Melbourne Midwifery Collective *
Servicing Melbourne, Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula and beyond

Mimosa Midwifery *
Servicing Melbourne and Yarra Valley

Mama Services
Servicing Melbourne and surrounds

Organic Midwifery
Servicing Melbourne and surrounds

Sage Midwifery
Servicing south east Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and beyond

Virago Midwifery
Servicing Mornington Peninsula and surrounds


Steffi of Sacred Birth *
Based in the Yarra Valley

Jaclyn of Secret Place Doula *
Based in Mount Evelyn

Beth of Beth Bourke Doula
Based in Melbourne’s Outer East

Karlie from Birthing Mumma
Based in Chirnside Park

Stephanie of Stephanie Norquay Doula
Based in Melbourne

Cindy of Cindy Fenn Doula
Based in Melbourne

Claire of Claire Eden Doula
Based in Melbourne

Bree of Bree Downes Doula
Based in the Yarra Ranges

Jenine of Grave & Ivy Doula
Based in Melbourne

Felicity of Birth Rite Doula
Based in Melbourne’s North


* Those marked are midwives or doulas I have personally had the pleasure of meeting and would recommend. The rest are ones I have seen recommended by others but have no personal experience with.

Have I missed anyone? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list! 

Are you interested in having your birth professionally documented?

Oh gosh, those first moments. To have them over. The intensity and rawness as you work to bring forth your little one. The love in your eyes as you meet your baby for the first time. Those moments are just so powerful, and over so quickly. And unfortunately all those amazing birth hormones and emotions work to dull the memories. Leaving us mummas with memories that are vague and blurred at the edges.

Birth photography takes these moments and freezes them, so that you and your family can treasure them for years to come.

If you’d like to chat about capturing these sacred moments for your birth, I’d love to hear from you.

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Our little ones are small for such a short time! And whilst the good old smart phone has enabled up to capture snapshots, having YOU in the photos with your family is so important!
Let's capture some beautiful photos of the connection between you and your loves!

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