Session Locations

I’m based in Lilydale, at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and the Yarra Valley in my backyard, meaning I’m close to some of the most beautiful spots in Melbourne! I do sessions all over the place, but I do have a few favourite spots I can recommend. If there’s a spot near you that you love feel free to suggest it, but if you’re looking for ideas, here’s my favourites.

Location One

Wonga Park

The perfect sunset location. The top of a hill covered in beautiful long grass and frequented by friendly kangaroos. If expansive views and sun soaked fields is your thing then this is the place for your session.

It does come with one downside, and that is the hike up. It’s quite steep and although not particularly long it could be a challenge if you have any ailments or if you’re especially unfit (I’m pretty unfit and am able to do it fine if I just take my time). Kids seem to cope fine, and as evidenced above, heavily pregnant women can do it. But if you’re concerned I’d recommend checking it out before our session to make sure you’re comfortable.

Location Two

Dandenong Ranges

















































This spot is brimming with natural beauty, and if you’re lucky enough to time it right, you may even be lucky enough to catch some wild daisies (usually December). But even without the wildflowers, this spot has a beautiful mix of native plants and imported birches, poplars and giant cedar trees. 

This location has two parts and depending on the light, weather and length of your session you may be able to get to both. One of which is more tucked away, and one that looks out over a vast view of the Yarra Valley. 

Location Three






























































This spot is secluded and quiet, it’s full of native flora and fauna and is set on the banks of the Yarra.

There’s a paddock often filled with cows neighbouring the reserve, and a wooden bridge over a reed filled pond. 

There’s lots of variety and interesting places to explore here, and as it’s a bit tucked away, there’s very few other people around. 

Location Four


One of the most dramatic spots in state. Sheer cliffs, rolling hills and black rocky beaches. In the winter you get lush green grass and in summer you get the dreamy long dry grass.

There is a little 5/10 minute walk down some relatively steep hills to get to this spot, so keep in mind the walk back can take a bit longer and feel quite steep.   

None of these what you’re looking for?

These are my favourite spots, but I’m always open to discovering new locations. If you’d like to recommend a spot just let me know!  🙂

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