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I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Emily, a family, newborn and birth photographer and storyteller. I am so incredibly thankful for what I get to do, and the wonderful people I’ve met doing it. 

Photography is a so powerful, it tells stories and freezes details otherwise lost to time. As a mum to a 10 and 7 year old I can tell you time absolutely flies! Those squishy little hands have thinned out, the high pitched babbles have disappeared, and they no longer fit against my chest like they once did. If there’s one thing I know it’s that time continues on and change is inevitable, but that doesn’t stop us longing to revisit those moments. I love that photography can offer that, a way to revisit the memories that have faded or grown blurry at the edges. 

Besides photography I’m muddling my way through homeschooling my girls, helping with admin for my hubby’s business and trying to maintain some semblance of organisation and balance amidst the juggle (jut don’t ask me how I’m going with that… I’ll give you a hint… not great)

So a bit about me… I love my husband, Jase and our girls, Bella and Mia beyond words. We have a dog called Tink who is equal parts adorable and diabolical. And yes, she’s named after Tinkerbell, we’re big Disney fans here. Travel has my heart in a major way, next on my list would be the UK and Ireland (if we’re ever allowed overseas again… thanks COVID). I love summer, the beach and swimming, although coming to terms with my post baby swimsuit body is still in progress (yes, even 7 years later!) I’m a major introvert, but love meeting and getting to know my clients. I’m sentimental yet pragmatic, messy yet love order. I would move to Queensland if I could convince everyone I know to come with me. 

Random facts about me


I love to read. Crime, thrillers, mysteries, young adult, fantasy even middle grade (come on, who doesn’t love Harry Potter?). But I can’t do romance, drama or non-fiction. 


I’m a vegetarian, and have been since the day I was born (thanks to my animal loving dad). My girls are also vegetarians (except the odd bit of fish), but my hubby makes up for our meatless diet with his own (excessive) meat intake.


I don’t have a favourite colour. It’s just too hard to nail down one single hue. But the top of my list would include yellow, leafy green, sunset orangey-pink and tropical island turquoise.


I dream of one day living in a white weatherboard house on a cleared bit of land, with a couple of old oaks and weeping willows, fruit trees and chickens. A girl can dream, right?! 


I don’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea. I’m not a purist, I eat more than enough gluten, dairy and sugar to make up for what I lack in the drink department. I’ve just never liked the taste. My hot drink of choice is a chai.

Hi Mumma!

Our little ones are small for such a short time! And whilst the good old smart phone has enabled up to capture snapshots, having YOU in the photos with your family is so important!
Let's capture some beautiful photos of the connection between you and your loves!

Hi, I'm Emily

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