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I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Emily, a mum of two girls living in the Yarra Valley. I’ve been carrying a camera around with me for a long time. Since having kids of my own my love for capturing those everyday moments has grown, but even after 8 years of photographing my own kiddies I had never really considered taking it further than a hobby. 

After several years as a graphic designer and web designer it felt like that chapter of my life was coming to an end, but I had no idea what was next. 

Last year my youngest said to me “You should take photos for a job mum,” and the lightbulb went off. Why it took such a direct sentence for the idea to dawn on me is beyond me, but now that it has it just seems to make sense.

So here I am. This is me. I’m 33 (or am I 34? I actually can’t remember! But I was born in December 86, so you tell me! 😂) , reinventing myself between school runs, play dates and helping my hubby with his own business. 

So far I have loved every minute of the newborn cuddles, and watching loved up families spending time together. I really feel it’s such an honour to be invited into people’s homes and lives to capture those precious and fleeting moments, and I want to make sure the experience for my clients is just as beautiful as the photos at the end of it.

Random facts about me


I love to read. Crime, thrillers, mysteries, young adult, fantasy even middle grade (come on, who doesn’t love Harry Potter?). But I can’t do romance, drama or non-fiction. 


I’m a vegetarian, and have been since the day I was born (thanks to my animal loving dad). My girls are also vegetarians (except the odd bit of fish), but my hubby makes up for our meatless diet with his own (excessive) meat intake.


I don’t have a favourite colour. It’s just too hard to nail down one single hue. But the top of my list would include yellow, leafy green, sunset orangey-pinky and tropical island turquoise.


I dream of one day living in a white weatherboard house on a cleared bit of land, with a couple of old oaks and weeping willows and fruit trees. A girl can dream, right?! 


I don’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea. I’m not a purist, I eat more than enough gluten, dairy and sugar to make up for what I lack in the drink department. I’ve just never liked the taste.

Hi Mumma!

Our little ones are small for such a short time! And whilst the good old smart phone has enabled up to capture snapshots, having YOU in the photos with your family is so important!
Let's capture some beautiful photos of the connection between you and your loves!

Hi, I'm Emily

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